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I am here, nice to 'see' you all. Will try and post more often now that baby is going to bed before me. Only took 7 months lol!

Anyway, I still have the money pit, new clutch last year after I was rear ended, which went down as a 50/50 cos there were no witnesses, arghhhh!! However I'm not here to complain!

Any smilies? :clap: Found them :)

Posted 20 Jul 2011, 21:12 #1 

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Good to see you over here, it's a long time since Cosford. 8-)
Money pit is a familiar problem. :-x
I don't like signatures, they take up too much screen space.

Posted 20 Jul 2011, 21:19 #2 

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Hi! yes I think I can remember you :roll:

Glad baby is now settling with bedtime, you must be relieved...... :-D

Posted 20 Jul 2011, 21:20 #3 

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bout time yer showed yer face, now get postin lass :D
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Posted 20 Jul 2011, 21:33 #4 

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Evening Anna ;)

Nice to see you over here :thumbsup: :)

Posted 20 Jul 2011, 21:39 #5 

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Welcome. I agree, it's been a while since we met at Cosford.

I guess it's difficult with a little one, but help yourself to some 'chill' time.

Posted 20 Jul 2011, 21:53 #6 

The same from YT Anna.........welcome aboard...AH LATE NIGHTS UP WITH LITTLE ONES...MEMORIES!!!!

Posted 20 Jul 2011, 23:36 #7 

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Great to hear from you again Anna, and hear you are well, other than suffering from Money Pit problems. :)

"My lovely car now sold onto a very happy new owner.
I still love this marque and I will still be around, preferred selling to breaking, as a great runner and performer"

Posted 29 Jul 2011, 14:58 #8