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Im hoping someone can help me track down a REALLY old music cassette, my mum desperately wants a music compilation thats called truly unforgettable , I bought her the one I could get a hold of but it was the wrong one as they had re-released it, but the new one doesnt have her favourite songs on it,
Mums one was released in about 1980, and she thinks it had a gold cover, but the one I got her has a blue cover and is from 1990, :( :( :(
I hunted all over Britain to get her the brand new copy I managed to get a hold of, all the other ones were second hand, but they still had the blue cover not the gold one.
so has anyone got the gold coloured one to make my mum a happy bunny
thanks x

Posted 03 Apr 2011, 19:40 #1 

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How about a list of her favourite songs, I'm sure between us we can put together a truly unforgettable compilation for her.

Posted 03 Apr 2011, 19:58 #2 

thats a nice thought, Il see what she can remember from the cd x

Posted 03 Apr 2011, 20:11 #3