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Hi all,
I hooked up with a young enthusiast yesterday and spent a good 8 hrs examining and comparing our cars. He offered me a try on his Rover Ron Synergy box as he was interested in how my car would perform compared with his.
We fitted the Rover Ron box and the grumble through the stainless exhaust was instantly noticeable and sounded great, the power difference was excitably extreme BUT within a few minutes the clutch was slipping in every gear and was simply not drivable...
This Wednesday I have my car booked in finally to have some insurance work done, and after some negotiation it now amounts to a full re spay, all wheels re-manufactured and a set of Klarzy quad Xenon Angel eye head lights bought and fitted. I intended to have the car mapped as well.
I've also finally located and purchased a replacement DVD changer, the same as was factory fitted origanally. The very last one I can find on the web.
Soo, my dilemma, I have now approximately £1000 outlay on a clutch kit, flywheel and master cylinder before it's even worth getting the (insurance) fun work done. Is there anyone out there who has these parts knocking around? And is there a mechanic enthusiast that would do the job on a sweat equity basis, as I lend a hand, offer some company and make cups of tea.
I'm a carpenter so could fit a kitchen or make a treehouse or ????? something else.

My cars done just over 290,000 miles but has very little sign of wear. I'm keen to keep her on the road but have got to try and find a cheaper solution to the surprise demise of my clutch.
Gotta be chuffed that the original clutch survived as long as it did really!

Probably a ridiculous ask but worth a go for a potential 'moon club' gem. The car really is in shockably good knick and would wow any enthusiast I'm sure.

Here's hoping :)

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Free bump

Not sure if you resolved this but the gent we all know as " the god of clutches" is based in West Yorkshire, he is known to travel if there are a few people wanting a clutch change, very rare the DMF requires changing. takes him under 3 hours start to finish

PM me for contact details if you want to contact him
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takestock wrote:takes him under 3 hours start to finish

Wow, that's some going

That apart Mrs Lincoln, did you enjoy the play


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