help and a t4 at the p.o.l by Suffolk Man

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Suffolk Man
is anyone on here or is near to this meet who has a t4?my ztt is very ill so far it has had new bosch viton rings new battery but over the last few days its hard to start when is fine had it on a generic code reader which showed glow plug fault.having the injectors leak tested today but a check up on a t4 would be ideal.

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Sorry, it's a good hour and a half to me from Longbridge, assuming clear motorways.

Posted 11 Apr 2012, 08:48 #2 

Suffolk Man
thank you for your reply .however a quick update on this had the injectors leakback tested today and the guy who tested them said they where the best he had come across and they are fine.the glow plug thing is a red herring about 50%of cars show this and run with no today ordered a new cam sensor will fit tomorrow and hopefully fingers crossed it will be ok

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Irrespective of weather found turn the key, the glowplug on flashes up but not enough time to do anything before the engine starts.

That apart Mrs Lincoln, did you enjoy the play


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Suffolk Man
well its been a while and the starting issues were down to the old favourite the i.t.p which annoyed the hell out of me as it had been replaced not so long ago with a mkon one.this has been replaced with a o.e.m to complete spending to level of the national debt of the 190 brake upgrade was fitted and the banging from the front susspension looked at.the findings are one ball joint worn and the drivers side front wishbone has had it.being replaced a.s.ap. tonite i am having a large glass of vin rouge combined with smoking myself to death

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