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Hello folks

Just thought I'd pop a quick comment on here as a brief introduction. I heard about this community at the Nano meet on Sunday, so thought I'd better pop over.

I was the one in a V reg silver CDT. The car has a few issues at the moment, so I reckon that you might hear a bit from me over the next few weeks.

I'm formerly a Lincolnshire lad, having grown up on a farm near Skeggy. I now live in Shropshire not far from Telford.

I might pop over to Cosford at the weekend, but I reckon I'm more likely to be fixing the car.



Posted 04 Oct 2010, 21:39 #1 

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Evening Al......Wainfleet, Croft or Burgh Le Marsh? :D

Posted 04 Oct 2010, 21:41 #2 

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Welcome Al.... :)

Telford eh.... hmmm.... Long way from the sea...... ummmm .... That's about it innit.... :lol:

Posted 04 Oct 2010, 22:52 #3 

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Welcome on board Al. :)

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Hi Al, rather wet wasnt it :D
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Posted 05 Oct 2010, 06:16 #5 

Good to see you Al.

Posted 05 Oct 2010, 06:50 #6 

Now then Zeb!

Croft actually. Went to primary school in Wainfleet, then big school in Skeg. My folks still live at Croft and my Dad has a 75 too! I get back there about 3 or 4 times a year.


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Welcome to the community Al. :cheers:
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