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Bermudan 75
I was doing a little light reading the other evening and on page 84-6 of the Rover 75 MG ZT Workshop Manual it refers to the removal of the clips securing washer jets to bumper.

No mention of said clips in the parts page for the washer system at Rimmers?

http://www.rimmerbros.co.uk/Item--i-GRID002010 :confused:

Fitted Swordy's at the last Wolves Nano-meet and there were no clips,and my yet to be fitted system does not have any clips.


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Bermudan 75
To clarify which clips the workshop manual is referring to, it is the ones used to secure the pipe to the individual washer jets and to the high pressure washer pump. When the high pressure pump is operated, the force is sufficient to blow the pipe from the high pressure pump nozzle, if the clip is not in place. This was demonstated on Sunday at the mini-nano meet at Paul's on Swordy's car, with the clip in place everything worked ok.

MGR made a mistake in the drawing they used to illustrate the componant parts of the head light washer system. They show two clips, one for securing the pipework to the bumper and the other for securing the pipework to the nozzles.

Rimmers show the pipework clips as being part number SYC100440 (correct) No Longer Available USE SYC101100.

SYC101100 are the clips for securing the pipework to the bumper and do not resemble the pipework clips in any way, so I cannot see how you could use them instead.

However the pipework clips ARE available and you can get these in packs of 5 (which is the number required for the Mk1 cars) for £4.99 inclusive of VAT, delivered.


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Hmm, I've got a retro fit to do, will have to look at the bits now then get the Dremel out :o)
Despite the high cost of living its still proving popular.

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Sorry to drag up an old post, but I was wondering if anyone knew where you can get the clips to secure the jets to pipe work from? I've been searching the Internet for a while to no avail, but have a kit ready to fit, but it's missing a few clips (1 on one of the jets, the other on the pump).

Any help gladly received!

Kind regards,

Michael T

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