Headlight bulbs at Lidl by Dave

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Not quite the same offer as last time, which was £3.99 for two. Now they are £5.99 for two, but with a (small) selection of other bulbs and fuses included. Probably not such good value, but the difference is that this time they actually have H7's in stock! :D

Also got some cheap protective boot mat, which I am hoping will soak up muck off the dogs, and some wiper blades. Sadly the latter don't seem to be available for 75's (*), but got some for Gill's MX5. They also have screenwash £5.99 for 5 litres

See here


(*) Forgot to look on the chart to see if they had them to suit MG ZT, so they may have them after all!

Posted 29 Nov 2011, 11:40 #1