Happy Birthday ( Dave ) Stocktake by Arctic

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:happy birthday: MR Stocktake hope you have had a great day and evening not to many bottles of Veno 48 hey only to years to go and life begins properly ;) as 50 is the new 40 so they say, I am just moving into the 6th decade :shock: any way all the best keep that young head on your shoulders cheers Arctic

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Happy Birthday Dave :happy birthday: and all the best!
Cheers, Jürgen

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Bermudan 75
:happy birthday: :cheers: Happy Birthday Dave



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Many happy returns. :)

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Thanks Everyone, yesterday was great, culminating in an evening open air concert at the Millenium Square in Leeds with some of the music I grew up with. Mr Tony Haley of Spandau supported by Gabrielle.
Plenty of vino drunk and proper Dad dancing.
Today saw a rather hungover Takestock travel 100 miles for breakfast at The four Ashes Nano Meet :)
Photobucket = Tossers


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