Handbrake Mod by Arctic. by Roverite

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Today, I went over to Arctic's place and had the 'mod' done. Mine wasn't too bad, but as others have said, what an improvement. Now one click holds the car and two clicks hold it firmly on the steep hills we have around here. He also checked over other things, most of which I had already had done by Jules, but he did supply his plenum chamber mod and re-fitted my OSF kick strip, which was on the wrong way round.

A fine job indeed and I would suggest you have the 'mod' done, even if you think your handbrake is OK; if you do, it will never need doing again.


Posted 04 Mar 2013, 16:03 #1 

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Sounds like you had a fun time,

He's not a bad lad that Arctic bloke. ;)

Posted 04 Mar 2013, 18:48 #2 

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HI Colin.
Nice meeting you lovely car you have too well impressed should last a very long time with the low mileage it has, :thumbsup: yes handbrake better now than the 7 it was clicking on before holding ;) hope to chat again sometime in the year cheers Arctic.

Posted 05 Mar 2013, 01:16 #3