Handbrake doing my head in. by TyphoonTT

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Hi guys.

I'm still struggling with my handbrake. :( It's adjusted up fine, but when released, the system is slack.
I can here something rattling at slow speeds, not sure whether it's the shoe expanders, or the outer cable
itself rattling in the backplate as I go over bumps. :?

Should the outer cable be spring loaded?

Any help greatly appreciated. ;)

Posted 25 May 2010, 13:53 #1 

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:? :? Had another look, and drive round. Pulled the handbrake up,and the rattle is still there. :oops:

Can't see anything obviously loose. Is there anything else to check? :(

Posted 25 May 2010, 20:00 #2 

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Haven't played with the cables yet, only ever changed the shoes at same time as discs but will have a look on RAVE and see if anything shown or otherwise.

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Did mine last Friday.

The shoes can move backwards and forwards (well round and round) a bit, but not had a rattle.

On my V6 where I replaced the cables, both the old and new cables had a spring between inner and outer, at the brakes end. I think it's to ensure the brakes don't drag, but should remove the slack.

In spite of having adjusted the shoes when I fitted them, I found I needed a fair bit of tweaking this time, now they have bedded. That and allowing a fair bit more than the 25mm and I'm now happy at three / four notches.

Posted 04 Jun 2010, 13:37 #4 

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Keith (at Ellesmere) did a lot of work on this topic and wrote a very long "how too" I dunno where it is now though.. But I was at his house at the time, and saw some of the work in progress..

I seem to recall he made a new spigot that fixed to the wheel out of an M6 bolt and sourced some new, and shorter cables.. But -- I may be wrong about that..

Posted 04 Jun 2010, 19:52 #5 

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I'm quite sure now that the handbrake is not the problem, as the 'rattle' is still there when I pull the handbrake on gently
when driving. It does however disappear when I press the foot brake.

I've stipped down the rear brakes again this morning, and found that two shims attached to the back
of the Ferrodo pads I'd bought had almost come adrift. Both inner pads.Removed these from the inner pads, but left the outers, drove round again, the rattle is better, but stil there, so perhaps not a good choice of pad? Not very happy,as they weren't exactly the cheapest. :hissyfit:

Thanks for the advice so far. Any more thoughts welcome. :em:

Posted 05 Jun 2010, 12:39 #6 

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Have recently started using EBC Green Stuff on my car. Can't rate them highly enough.

Have covered 30K miles with them and they just need replacing, much better breaking performance than the oem stuff too.

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