Handbrake compensators by Arctic (Page 2 of 2)

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kandyman wrote:Hi Steve,

Mine arrived yesterday very well packed :)

Many thanks for doing one for me and also for taking the time to help other members.

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My Pleasure Andy all you have to do now is fit it, without cutting the carpet on your own it will take about 45-60 mins two of you maybe 25mins few pics below to help.

First remove handbrake gaiter Fig 1

Once removed you will be able to undo the handbrake adjuster nut to the top of the thread you will need a deep socket now thats done pull handbrake up two notches Fig2

Then take out the rear ash tray Fig3

Ash tray out undo the two 10mm bolts Fig4

Undo the torx screw Fig5

will finish this tomoz Arctic

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