handbrake compensator by aleden

hi everyone. my compensator has a gap of about 12mm , isee on the forums
that arctic does modified ones can somewon let me know how to get in
touch with him. also what is pm short for.

Posted 10 Nov 2012, 11:43 #1 

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PM is Private Message.
Example. click on the following link. modified-handbrake-compensator-fitting-t4025-60.html#p59171
Hover your mouse over Arctics avatar on the left of the post. A drop down of available options will appear below the picture. One of which is PM. Click on it, enter your message in the resultant window and send. Your reply will appear in new messages at the top of any page. Alternatively, select new messages then, compose message then, type in the name of the intended recipient in the top field, type in a title and any message then submit.
An email notification is sent to the recipient, as well as notification on the board in case the recipient does not frequent the forum often.

Posted 10 Nov 2012, 11:53 #2 

thank you mick for the info from a newbie feeling his way around

Posted 11 Nov 2012, 11:22 #3 

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Hi Peter.
I got your email via the community and have sent you the details on the compensator cheers Arctic.

PS also big thank you Mick for explaining how to contact

Posted 12 Nov 2012, 13:52 #4 

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I will not be posting out any compensators until the new year now 2013 starting on the 9th January merry Chrismas and happy new year Arctic

Posted 14 Dec 2012, 12:29 #5