Handbrake Compensator Fitting Nano Meet by Arctic

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Hi Lads & Ladies.

Here it is your last chance of the year to get your handbreak compensator fitted at the Wolverhampton nano meet 15th 16th Sept, if you wish to have the modification please contact me through PM so i cn give you full details and then add you to the list below, i have already started a list at


But as not all members visit the nano site its only fair i start one here also i intend to be at the venue from 10.00am on both dates and can fit two compensators in an hour if need be all times on the list are approximate you may have to wait 30 mins or so but you may also be brought forward should someone turn up late hope to see lots of members joining us for some good banter and pre winter checks i will as always have with me ten plenum trays with the spy hole mod already done for exchange all work carried out is FOC cheers Arctic.

All times are approximate so some waiting is inevitable but should be no more than 30 minutes.

List for September 15th & 16th below.

Saturday 15th
Name----------------- Forum-------------- Time
David Macpherson-------------- Tinyflier---------------------10.15am
Sean Kenny -----------------Coab------------------------11.00am
Rosemary Fleming-----------------rosebud---------------------12.00pm
Alistair Scott--------------------Al-dente-------------------13.30pm

Sunday 16th
Name------------------- Forum-------------- Time
Alan Beardmore----------------Bigalgenesis-------------------10.30am
Ken -----------------Stevo Snr-----------------11.00am
Daniel Mura--------------------Dantheman---------------------11.30am
Pete Rigley---------------------backoboy---------------------12.30pm
Steve Lane------------------ Laney-----------------------13.00pm
Brian Wyles--------------------------------------------------13.30pm
John Evans------------- -------------------------------------14.00pm
Dave Beckett---------------------hesta-----------------------15.00pm
Peter Smith-----------------------P45------------------------15.30pm


List closes at Sept 14th at 12.00pm

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Quick bump as time is getting close and names are being added daily now, only so many places cheers Arctic

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Sunday fitting now closed and only two places left on the saturday 15th

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