Halfrauds by PaulT

I use Halfords semi synthetic oil in my car. I have an oil change to do on my old car and on the new car. Do not know why but I looked up the cost on line and it added:

Free Halfords Advanced 8pc Screwdriver Set when you buy any Halfords Fully or Part Synthetic 5 litre Oil

So just been in to a branch to but 3 x 5 litres...

No signs up about the screwdrivers (seems odd!). So I spoke to an assistant stating what the website showed. 'Oh yes, there is a free set of screwdirvers' and he picked up the only set on the shelf. I want three 5 litres so that will be 3 sets. 'I think it is only 1' he said and spoke to a colleague who confirmed it was only one.

I got the three sets. In addition, there was also a £10 voucher for use between 10/04 and 30/04.

Wonder how many other people have gone away with nothing?

That apart Mrs Lincoln, did you enjoy the play


Posted 07 Apr 2012, 11:28 #1