Halfords Have A Winter Essentials 3 for 2 Deal On by Arctic

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Heads up Halfords have a winter essentials on at the moment a nice 3 for 2 deal ie Oat concentrated,screen wash etc i think this works you get the cheepest free Arctic

http://www.halfords.com/webapp/wcs/stor ... _langId_-1

Posted 20 Oct 2011, 09:28 #1 

I do love the way that they sell antifreeze and screenwash ready to use, i.e. they have diluted it with water.

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Posted 20 Oct 2011, 09:49 #2 

kai herb
I bought 3 bottles of Concentrated Deicer last week for a fiver , the offer doesnt work if you have a trade card though

Posted 20 Oct 2011, 15:52 #3