Had a look around an MG6 today.... by JakeWilson

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... that was in a breakers yard!

Was amazed when I saw it whilst on a last minute impromptu visit to the West Mids. (Acting as an awful navigator I should add!)

The car was a 59 Plate that had been used for R&D and had come to the end of its usefulnes. It seemed like a hybrid spec with leather front and cloth rear seats. It also looked to have the Satnav and also reverse camera.

Naturally as it was a test car, he couldn't advertise he was breaking it, was only due to two pairs of prowling eyes that we came across it.

Sadly didn't get too many photos but was a great opportunity to look strange as it may sound but underneath one and close up at brakes etc Certainly the fronts look the same, but underneath on this 59 was not as clean as my 04 Tourer and strange as it may sound, but you could tell that it was a Asian built car.

That aside, a really nice and interesting car, in a strange colour choice I thought, that was gold!

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they drive well

Posted 16 Feb 2012, 23:52 #2 

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Don’t mention the protein shake eh :D
Superabit omnia virtus

Posted 17 Feb 2012, 00:02 #3 

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Cowley_MOA wrote:Don’t mention the protein shake eh :D

No, nor the lack of counting skills at roundabouts hey?!

Posted 17 Feb 2012, 00:06 #4