Google is 12 years old today! by SpongeBob

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It doesn't seem like it but Google is 12 years old today. I remember when they were just one of many search engines and not just 'the' search engine. :candle:

See for their birthday logo :)

Posted 27 Sep 2010, 07:59 #1 

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Happy birthday Mr Google.

Posted 27 Sep 2010, 17:15 #2 

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When the two students first started out they went to a venture capitalist for some money. He turned them down :lol: Google is now worth around the 100 billion dollar mark.
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Posted 27 Sep 2010, 17:56 #3 

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Is it next year when all the search results become grunts of a single syllable?

Well thats what happened to my son when he became a teenager :D
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Posted 27 Sep 2010, 19:56 #4 

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I remember when it just used to be Altavista, Webcrawler and Yahoo!

Posted 27 Sep 2010, 20:13 #5 

did you know if you search for google in the google search box, the whole interent will implode :shock: :angry:
managed to go 12 years so far, so dont be tempted to try it now :whump:
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