Good garage recommendation for Primroselink Clitheroe by Stelad

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I'd just like to recommend Primroselink of Clitheroe to anyone who lives in NW England. Some of you may have read on the other side about the sad closure of Primrose Garages in Jan. of this year after being a family owned main Rover and latterly an XPart dealer for over fifty years. Shortly after this I received a letter from them thanking me for my business over the years and that they were pleased to tell me that both their former service manager and sales manager had bought all the equipment off them and hired most of the staff and had set up in business just down the road as an authorized XPart dealer.
I've had my 75 serviced and a few other bits done by them over the last couple of months and have been more than pleased but what marks them out for praise is that in a recent MOT(done at another garage as they don't do MOT's yet) I was given an advisory note that my rear brake pipes had started to corrode. So I booked my car in with Primroselink to have them replaced before the bad weather sets in. On my return I was told that the MOT station had been a little bit over eager with their advisory note and all they needed to do was brush the dirt off and waxoil them and I should get a few more years out of them yet!
It's good to know that in these days of rip off Britain there are still some honest guys out there and that they also drive ZT's! :D

Steven. :unionflag:

Posted 16 Sep 2010, 17:30 #1 

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I lived for many years at Snodworth (in between Blackburn and Whalley) and remember them from the days when I had a P5B coupe.

My late wife and I loved Clitheroe and always found Primrose reliable, honest and helpful, running you back home etc etc., before that service was really offered.

Sadly those qualities probably contributed to their demise, in an increasingly mendacious world.

Lovely people from a very magical part of the UK - the Ribble Valley!

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The best garage i've ever come across and I'd recommend it to anybody, recently had my ZT service there and yesterday had a new coil spring fitted and they had it M.O.T. for me at a test centre in Clitheroe - it passed :D

How many garages theses day's don't ask to see your drivers licence for a courtesy car, not Primrose- had a nice Rover Streetwise yesterday, and when you go to pay they always post you bill and you pay when you get it !

Posted 18 Sep 2010, 19:45 #3