God bless them. by kandyman

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At 8:50 on 7th July 2005, three explosions ripped through London's underground system within fifty seconds of each other at Edgware Road, Aldgate and King's Cross. An hour later a fourth bomb would destroy a Number 30 Bus in Tavistock Square. 52 innocent people were killed in our city and around 700 more were injured.

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Such events should never be forgotten, damn the perpetrators and the twisted ideology that brought them to commit such a heinous crime.
My thoughts go out to the survivors, their families and the families of those that were murdered.

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My Dad was fortunate that day. Having just left Euston, he was very close to the bus in Tavistock Square and heard it happen.

At least I wasn't worried, I only found out he was down there when he called to say he was OK.

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the day before i was near where the bus went off ....

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