Genuine 12v Accessory Power Sockets by JakeWilson (Page 1 of 2)

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I've ten of these that are NLA on Rimmers.


This original accessory socket fits in the armrest of all Rover 75 and MG ZT’s (both Saloons and Tourers)

Ideal addition in order to power a satnav, phone charger or cool box

Part Number YXW100040

Bbrand new and comes with the original box.

I've listed them at a tenner each on ebay, but for folk on here, £7 posted, payment via paypal gift.

Posted 06 Dec 2012, 21:01 #1 

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I''ll take one of you Jake, drop me a pm with the payment details.


Posted 06 Dec 2012, 21:57 #2 

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Bermudan 75
Hi Jake,

I would like one of these as well please.

Could you pm me payment details.



Posted 06 Dec 2012, 22:48 #3 

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Is the wiring generally there already, or do you have to run some new stuff from somewhere else?

Posted 07 Dec 2012, 11:29 #4 

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Yes please Jake.
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Posted 07 Dec 2012, 11:43 #5 

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Details on the way Bernard! :-)

Dave - they have to be wired in, some take a feed from the cigarette lighter in the dash, but there is also a dedicated place on the fuseboard too.

Posted 07 Dec 2012, 12:22 #6 

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Sort of tempted to have one, although the wiring would be a pain and I also have no idea what I'd ever use it for!!

Posted 07 Dec 2012, 13:21 #7 

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Dave wrote:Sort of tempted to have one, although the wiring would be a pain and I also have no idea what I'd ever use it for!!

A whole plethora of options; Sat navs, phone chargers, generic music players, the list is endless. :-D

Posted 07 Dec 2012, 13:58 #8 

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Hi I will have one if there's any left

Posted 08 Dec 2012, 11:31 #9 

shy talk
I would to buy one. Are there are any left?,if yes please pm me to let know how to pay for it.
Thankyou, Bill ( aka, shy talk)

Posted 08 Dec 2012, 12:37 #10 

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Go on then, me too! (as above, if any left)

You may have to end up wiring it for me though! ;)

Posted 08 Dec 2012, 13:03 #11 

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I've 7 left! :-) If those who would like on can drop me a PM that would be great! :-)

Posted 08 Dec 2012, 18:40 #12 

You have a PM.

Posted 10 Dec 2012, 21:07 #13 

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I will have one please Jake if you still have any left

Posted 11 Dec 2012, 18:57 #14 

Hi, do you have any left?

Posted 12 Dec 2012, 19:27 #15 

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Hi Les, yep two left!

Posted 12 Dec 2012, 19:44 #16 

I'll take both of them please Jake

Posted 12 Dec 2012, 19:53 #17 

PM sent Jake

Posted 12 Dec 2012, 19:59 #18 

Hi Jake, just a quick note to say I received mine yesterday and I am very pleased :) Thank you kindly good sir :D

Fitted Electric Memory Seat, Leather Cubby Lid, Wood Dash, Message Centre.

Posted 15 Dec 2012, 08:52 #19 

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Got a few more of these if there is anyone interested!?

Posted 20 Dec 2012, 16:11 #20