Fully Working Coded Keys by Mad-Monkey

I can now produce working keys that will start the car, and lock/unlock the car. At present I can not cut the blade, but can provide a new shell with a blank blade ready for cutting.

These are not clones of existing keys. If you clone an existing key, even if they both initially work one of them will eventually cease to work when starting the car. The Rover 75 and ZT utilise a rolling code between the fob and car. When you start the car with a key the rolling code is changed and the key retains that part of the code for next time it needs to start the car. When you clone the key you clone this rolling code so it will start the car. However, the new updated code is not updated in your original fob and eventually they fall out of sync. If someone tells you they can make you a new key based on your original, then all they are doing are cloning your key.

I can produce a transponder that will work with your car and not affect your orginal keys. However to do so I need your car, so this is not a postal service. The only way to receive working keys via post is from BMW. Then you will still need a T4 (Testbook version 4.Computer Diagnostic System) to code the remote to unlock/lock the car.

If I can not produce you a fully working key then you don't pay. If you have any problems with the key in the future you can return to me and I will check to see where the problem lies and correct it. If I can't then you can have a full refund. Please do not attempt to tamper with the key before returning to me otherwise you may forfeit your refund.

There have been loads of used keys on eBay and if you have bought one only to find out later its useless, don't despair I can possibly still help!

Send a PM with what you require and I will return a price :)

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I'm new here & can't find how to send a PM !!
Anyway, I have a 2003 MG ZT with one fully working key. I have another key which will unlock the car (i.e. the blade has been cut) but there's no works inside the fob.
How much will this cost me to turn this into a fully working key?

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minijohn wrote:Hi
I'm new here & can't find how to send a PM !!

If you look at the bottom line of a posting there are some options that include 'PM'

That apart Mrs Lincoln, did you enjoy the play


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I've sent you a PM John.

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