Full list of compatible MAFs? by stormbind

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I'm new to the CDT/M47R. The MAF (Mass Air Flow Sensor) is one of the more costly components and I wish there was a simple list to help weigh the pros/cons of each model.

Compatible parts from around LR/R forums:
Bosch F00C2G2029 (OEM, Rover and LR)
Bosch F00C2G2032 (Volkswagen?)
Pierburg 7.22684.07.0 (Patent-Part, Mercedes? Requires separate MAFAM sensor - i.e. Synergy)
Pierburg 7.22684.09.0 (Patent-Part, BMW)

But Seimens and a host of after-market makers also provide MAFs for the M47D20. Prices therefore vary from about £30 to £300 for "compatible" parts, with the OEM costing roughly £170.

Can someone please provide a list of all the compatible MAFs?
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