Fuel economy improvement CDTi by Duncan

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I've never been impressed with the economy of my diesel auto. When I got it I was getting about 36MPG on my regular run to work and back. With a new thermostat, cleaning everything, new MAF (Mass Air Flow Sensor) it did improve to a massive 38MPG. Well with one simple change, I now have it up to 42MPG on my regular commute. So what gave me this massive boost in economy?

I moved jobs, and avoid the traffic in Crewe!

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Bermudan 75
You should also save on tyre wear by not having to suffer the awful pot holes dotted everywhere in Cheshire. :thumbsup:

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Smart arse :lol:

I read that post with bated breath.

BTW, with reference to fuel economy, now I've had the re-map, I'm keen to return the computed fuel consumption to default, having tinkered with it when the Synergy was in use to get it as close as possible to 'brim to brim'. Is it possible to set it to factory setting with the T4 (Testbook version 4.Computer Diagnostic System) Duncan?

Cogito ergo sum... maybe?

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Simple answer, I don't know. Never found the time to look closely at that menu. David might know better.

Oh, and Mike. Coventry has potholes just as bad as Cheshire. You could lose your whole car in some of them.

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Its those short slow journeys.. I've been bored and playing with the Instant MPG feature on the ZT Auto.

Zero it when doing about 25-30 on a cold morning after starting off and you will be lucky to see 20mpg, I get around 15-17 . :shock:

Floor it off the start and you could see 8-10mpg !! :-o :-o :-o

But then again cruising on the A road @ around 60 with light foot it will give nearly 70mpg .

So average is some where in the middle :-D

I did try very hard one evening coming home from work, 15 miles, and from a stationary zero'ed IPK (Instrument pack (IPK from the German))
I pussy footed on 8 miles of carriageway and 7 miles of urban country roads and got home with 52 mpg on the dash !! and no real time lost from normal so it can be done .. ;)
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I think you will find your mpg is lying alot if you use that.. brim to brim , is the best method..

Posted 09 Feb 2013, 13:57 #6