FS: Unique MG ZT-T/Rover 75 Development Car by Rorybreaker

Originally built in 2000 as a Rover 75 V6 Auto Tourer (Japanese Spec) - probably the earliest Tourer in existence and still on its SPL VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). In 2004 ownership passed to MG Sport & Racing, who converted (externally) to MG spec and the car was used as a support vehicle for the MG sponsored Re-Cycling Team before being sold at the Receivers' auction as B4 MGX.


Very high spec including Full leather, electric memory/heated seats, electric sunroof, Harmon Hardon, Powerfolds, six airbags, etc. Overall mileage is 101500 (supported by full MOT history), but a new ZT 190 engine was fitted in 2009, some 10000 miles ago. Has just been serviced including auto fluid change. Will be sold with 5 months tax and new MOT.


Please PM me if further info required.

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IIRC it was also used by S'n'R as a chase car for the works ZR rally car.
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Tootall wrote:IIRC it was also used by S'n'R as a chase car for the works ZR rally car.

Thanks, Keith. I was not aware of this - if anyone knows of pictures, I would love to see them.

I have found this from the cycle team days:

http://www.verentidragonride.com/upload ... %2005..pdf

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