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Hi, I am new to the forum and would like some advice on Facelift fog lights. Is it possible to fit Mk1 lights if not is there a part number for Mk2 fogs.

Edit:- Rover 75 facelift

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Yes you can, with minor insignificant trimming near the mount for the larger adjuster. MkII are all plastic and the adjuster is smaller. I have MkI's fitted to my facelift. You will need a LSM (Light Switch Module) with a fog switch, swap over the black switch assembly onto your own LSM, ... 4638ff89db
do NOT swap the complete LSM unit. You also need the fog wiring loom to run from the fogs to the engine compartment fuse box, ... 43d36b6875
where you need to unplug a fuse box loom plug, insert the fog loom pin into the fusebox loom plug, and find a suitable earth point for the earth terminal. You also need a fog relay that fits into the engine. compartment fuse box. There is no wiring to be done between the LSM and the fusebox, it is already there.

The loom linked to is the one you need, you cannot choose MkI or MkII connectors, if the connectors are MkII which I think they are and you have bought MkI fogs, just get a pair of MkI fog connectors

MkI and MkII 75 fogs have different connectors, if the connectors on the end of the loom do not match your fogs, cut them off and swap them.
MkI bumper fog loom connectors are in abundance and should be cheap or free.

Do not pay more than £15 - £20 for a pair of fogs.
Relatively easy, these pics show LSM switch panel swapping, relay, and fusebox loom plug pin insertion. Take care when unplugging/plugging in the ribbon cable that connects the black switch panel to the LSM.
the front fusebox retaining bolt is a good earth point (fig 22)
Ignore fig 36 & 37 that show a MkI 75



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Thank you Devilish for a good in depth reply I will study the advice given, and order the parts needed Once again Thank you

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