Front doors not opening... :( by humphshumphs

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Have a problem in that both front doors wont open.
I thought that it was due to frozen latches as we've had v.cold weather.
Well the temperature has risen and both doors still wont open. I have disconnected the batter to see if a reset will work. That didn't :(
Any ideas???

Posted 14 Dec 2012, 18:40 #1 

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Hi All,

After trying everything that I can to try and open my front doors (looked on internet, tried everything that I've read on this site and the others - all to no avail :( )

I have this drastic solution that I wish to pass before you all for comments before I actually do it.

I am in the lucky situation that I have spare doors for the motor (ok, wrong colour but that's not a problem)

Can I, cut through the outer door skin and manually release the latch?

If I can, I can then remove the door, fit new one, and hopefully be able to use the car again.

Your thoughts please.

Posted 15 Dec 2012, 10:06 #2 

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Can you not destroy the door card to get to the lock instead of the doors?.

Posted 16 Dec 2012, 21:46 #3 

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I have sorted this on the post on the enthusiasts site ;)

Door locks have frozen, doors were attempted to be opened but as they were frozen, it bent the mechanism, just a little, this leaves the lock in a limbo position, not sure why, but they refuse to open from inside or out. In every case i have come across the solution is to remove the back of the door card, locate the white clip wraps around the threaded bar that connects the handle to the lock. Open the clip so it totally releases the threaded bar.
The door can then be opened from the inside.
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Posted 16 Dec 2012, 21:56 #4