Front Calliper Bleed Nipples Question by salop75


Having a bit of trouble with the bleed nipples on the my front brake callipers.
One is quite rounded off, so as part of some forthcoming work on the brakes i thought i'd replace them.

Can anyone help answer this question. Is the nipple a standard fitting that can be found at any motor factors or is it specific to the Rover 75 callipers (2.5 btw) ? Also are there different qualities of nipple (no pun intended)?


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Wish I could answer your question.

All I know is that the 190 brakes are different to the rest of the range, apart from the 2.5 75 of course.

Not sure that will make any difference to the size of the nipple.

Am sure someone more experienced/knowledgable than me will be along soon.

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Can't be 100% sure, but fairly confident they are a pretty standard size.

This based on having seen similar sized ones, but never having actually replaced them I don't know for sure. They looked the same as on an Audi I had, as well as an older VW I have.

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