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An excellent result.

If only all companies took customer service so seriously we might not all be so cynical.
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Posted 03 Jun 2011, 14:18 #21 

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Excellent Customer service in the end, well done to the Company.
Nice to see in this "sod off then" era.

A well done to Lewis to. A great lad.

"My lovely car now sold onto a very happy new owner.
I still love this marque and I will still be around, preferred selling to breaking, as a great runner and performer"

Posted 03 Jun 2011, 16:16 #22 

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That is a truly fantastic outcome with a really pleasant surprise in the end rather than the usual being left with a bitter aftertaste. Hats off to the company you were dealing with :)

Posted 03 Jun 2011, 19:45 #23 

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Yes, I must say, I was particularly pleased, indeed astounded after a few bouts of typically rotten customer service this year from Tesco to 'The Office of the Public Guardian' - (don't ask, another Gordon Brown Invention!)

So far in 2011, the best people, apart from the above has been 'The Pension Service' and equally HM Revenue & Customs.

Strange world ...

Posted 03 Jun 2011, 22:04 #24 

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And to cap it all, some keyfobs with barcodes included have now appeared at a so far reasonable price: ... 43a787ea11

Saying that, as we can now recreate the barcodes, it wasn't a problem anyway.

From the research I've done, if anyone else is looking to buy, the Discovery keys are apparently slightly different. They should still work on a 75, it's more that the 75 keys don't work quite fully on a disco. Certainly the barcodes start with a different letter suggesting they are meant to be different as far as T4 (Testbook version 4.Computer Diagnostic System).

Posted 06 Jun 2011, 20:26 #25 

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Had an embarrassing episode this morning. I'm still operating on the key blade manually, as the 'new' keys from BMW land (see above), have as yet not appeared (ordered exactly a week ago)?

For some reason after I locked the car, the alarms started - and would not cease viz;

Unlock car, key back in - Blah blah blah! ignition turned - Blah blah blah!

Started Engine - Blah blah blah!

Drove around, out of sheer discomfort, and after three mins or so it stopped!

However a repeat process (Blah blah blah) started after I locked the car.

This time it stopped, after the key was put in the lock. HOWEVER - the red light on the dash stays flashing even when I'm driving, can I re-set the alarm, or disable it somehow?

I won't be using it again until I get new keys that's for sure!

Posted 09 Jun 2011, 11:37 #26 

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Tried to access Boot, to get some research notes from within. Alarm away - (Blah blah blah) - user's guide tells me I've partially immobilised the car and that neither the boot, nor Central Locking functions will work either.

Appears it can only be re-set with a remotely enabled Key (Superlocking).

Never mind, the notes were about UK Economic Predictions for 2012 and therefore best left locked up and in the dark. Unfortunately I've since been advised I can 'download them online', so there went my super-techno get out of jail free reason. for not working tomorrow ... !

The 'blessings' of technology, are as duplicitous as'The Sword of Damocles' it seems.

Posted 09 Jun 2011, 16:33 #27 

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Hi Martin.
When my alarm kept going off i used to open the doors then lock them all dowm from inside from rear seat and make the rear drivers door the last to lock save the alam keep going off i know this will not solve your problem but no alarm. :confused:

Posted 09 Jun 2011, 16:51 #28 

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Thanks Artic,

My doors all lock OK from the key (and unlock), but I'll try anything at this stage. I also had all the windows go down on one of the unlocks just now?

I think it's trying to tell me something ?

Posted 09 Jun 2011, 17:02 #29 

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The windows going down is lazy venting. You must have held it in the unlock position for too long. Not a fault, don't worry.

Posted 09 Jun 2011, 17:48 #30 

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If all the windows went down on the unlock Martin, then it sounds as if you have Lazy Vent enabled on T4.
Superabit omnia virtus

Posted 09 Jun 2011, 17:51 #31 

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Duncan and Lewis,

I do have "lazy vent" enabled, but of course just at the moment the key isn't! The lazy vent operated when the doors unlocked manually?

I'm hoping the new keys when T4'd will restore the errant functions?

Posted 09 Jun 2011, 19:57 #32