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For those of you interested in such things, the following pics show the mpg achieved whilst on holiday.
The first pic shows the fuel consumption and mileage for the journey from Six Fours to Desenzano in Italy, a total of 378.2 miles. The first 15 miles were mostly town, including traversing Toulon, which is stop start traffic lights all the way through. After that it was mostly autoroute with the cruise set at 80mph, with one coffee stop and one refuel stop (not forgetting to throw in the 2-stroke, which puzzled the guy serving at the pumps !).
According to popular opinion the optimum running conditions for engines are cool and damp, but as you can see from the pic it was far from that. The minimum temp during the run was 24°C, and the max 35°C. The figure shown of 60.1mpg is the best I have seen on a long run at speed (Knock off 2% for the Ronbox, as this is what I found after doing brim-brim tests).


The second pic shows the figures at the end of the holiday. The car wasn’t used at Lake Garda, so from there it was a run to Livorno, mostly autoroute, then the ferry across to Bastia in Corsica. The rest of the mileage was done in Corsica, not the best place in the world to achieve good mileage, then the trip home through Toulon from the ferry terminal.
Again the weather was hot all week, and the final pic was taken at home at about 9 in the morning when it was already 25°C.


All in, 56.5 (less 2%) mpg over 830.7 miles. Absolutely delighted :D :D :D


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That's excellent. Can't comment on my current 75 as am not really using it yet but my old one used to do 50 - 55 MPG on a run.

Almost equals the best I have ever got out of my Civic 2.2 Diesel - 62MPG AVG for our holidays to Cornwall from West Yorks - including a 3 hour traffic jam on the M5.
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