For Sale: 2004 (04) MG ZT 190 Trophy Blue by JakeWilson

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It is with sadness that we are offering our ZT190 for sale. We purchased this car from a member on the OC with a look to keeping it, however Dad direly needs to use an automatic for his daily drive and my impending departure to Germany means I won't be around to use it.

The car is a 2004 (04) ZT 190+ The car is Trophy Blue with Straights (With metal centre caps.)and was PDI'd by the MG Rover Press Garage. The car is currently showing around 79,800 miles however will be used until sale, so this will go up slightly. The previous owner had a replacement engine fitted at 67k in March 2010, the belts were done at this stage.

We have done a substantial amount of work to this car since we purchased it earlier this year both mechanically and in terms of raising the specification. The car has good Service History, with receipts.

The car has had the following fitted by us:

Early rhodium dash fitted. - Essentially painted Walnut and is a near perfect fit.
Electric rear blind.
Very Early Low Mileage Monaco Interior fitted, to electric, memory, heated ZT frames.
Hi-line system.
Cruise Control (Being collected from Corin's this weekend and will be fitted very shortly.)
Trip Computer
Illuminated Vanity Mirrors
Heater Closure Panels
Grab Handle
Boomerang Spoiler

The car also features:

Rear Reverse Sensors (aftermarket)
Ultrasonic sensor in car (£240 optional extra.)
Powerflow Exhaust
Xenon Conversion Kit.

Work Carried out whilst owned by us:

Full service including all 6 plugs.
Fan motor refurbished
Custom made stainless oil cooler pipes.
New front discs and pads.
Heated Washer Jets
Jules Plenum Guard
VIS (Variable Intake System) motors tested and power seen to by Dave Stocks.

The car is MOT'd until May next year and taxed until the end of November.

Will take some better pictures this weekend (also featuring the updated dash) but a few can be found below. To me it's one of the best looking cars we have ever owned and drives beautifully. There are a small number of marks that can be expected for a 7yr old car - the only particular detrement are some small marks on the sills, which if truth be known are barely visable. My plan was to fit the X-Power side skirts, but have never got around to it.

We're looking for £2,450.







Posted 01 Sep 2011, 19:31 #1 

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Sorry you have to sale.

She looks a real beauty.

Good luck.

Posted 01 Sep 2011, 21:15 #2 

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(Site Admin)
Best of luck with your sale Jake, damn shame but needs must.

Posted 01 Sep 2011, 21:20 #3 

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You should have no problem shifting a car of that quality.
Thought of a Auto version option?

"My lovely car now sold onto a very happy new owner.
I still love this marque and I will still be around, preferred selling to breaking, as a great runner and performer"

Posted 01 Sep 2011, 22:35 #4 

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JohnDotCom wrote:You should have no problem shifti g a car of that quality.
Thought of a Auto version option?

Thanks gents for the posts of support. We did consider a 180 and were looking at one when a very late 75 Diesel Auto Tourer came up at the right price.

Hopefully there'll be another MG in the fold in the future.


Posted 02 Sep 2011, 21:35 #5 

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Cheeky Bump

Posted 21 Sep 2011, 13:04 #6 

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Sold and collected last week by my friend Alan, who some of you may know from the Nano meets. I've been told he hopes to attend the next one.

Posted 17 Oct 2011, 18:40 #7 

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Glad to see it going to a good home.

Posted 17 Oct 2011, 18:59 #8 

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JakeWilson wrote:Sold and collected last week by my friend Alan, who some of you may know from the Nano meets. I've been told he hopes to attend the next one.

I shall er...'watch out' for him...:D

Posted 17 Oct 2011, 21:02 #9 

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kandyman wrote:Glad to see it going to a good home.

agreed, nice for it to go to a fellow club member

Posted 18 Oct 2011, 14:48 #10 

Sorry You have to sell her she looks stunning. Good Look Fella, wish i could take her off you're hands but own a ZT-T in the same colour..

Posted 06 Feb 2012, 13:47 #11