Fitting dvb-t unit to hiline problems by chrislloydie

Been fitting a digital tv unit to the hiline system in the tourer today.

However, I have a problem. It doesn't work!

I have a power to the digi box, and the remote works to turn it on and off. But when I select the AV channel on the hiline, I just get a black screen that says mute in green letters.

I'm using the 'toysinyourcar' wiring adaptor.

The digibox is one off eBay that I saw recommended on this forum.

So has anyone got any tips where I might be going wrong or have I got a duff digibox?


Posted 03 Oct 2011, 20:46 #1 

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Could be a number of things, so you need a process of elimination.

Start with a known good source for the input on the AV adaptor. Anything will do so long as it has a composite output, usually a yellow phono plug.

Alternatively, prove out the DVB box by plugging it into something you know is working, like a normal TV.

Posted 03 Oct 2011, 21:52 #2 

Disconnected and started installation and everything seems to be working.

I can't pick up any channels though but I'm assuming that's down to the naff aerial that came with the digibox. So I've ordered a booster aerial and fingers crossed I'll getsome channels with it fitted.

Posted 04 Oct 2011, 18:01 #3