fighting with the lower arm by jonjon77

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l got all the parts needed to change the springs,strut top,lower arms and bushes.l set about the nearside,got the pinch bolt for the strut and the lower ball joint undone without too much trouble.l got the ball joint free from the hub with l a bit of force and turning the steering left to right.with a bit of help from a friend we got the bolts undone from the rear bushes.moved on to the nut holding the arm to the subframe that undid without any hassle but the ball joint would not release from the amount of hitting it or levering would free it.the ball joint spliter l have was not wide enough so l will have to get one in the morning and see how it goes.l knew l should have taken it to the garage.

Posted 10 Aug 2010, 20:56 #1 

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I did mine like this:

Slacken the nut off enough to protect the end of the stud from damage. (You may need to get a hex driver in so protecting the end may be important).

Employ large hammer and hit nut repeatedly. Now my subframe was off the car at this time but it should still work. Car is an early one so yours should be no worse.

The hex driver may be needed to hold the balljoint stud to remove the nut once it frees.

Posted 11 Aug 2010, 12:09 #2 

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thanks for the advice duncan all sorted now.l got a friend to put some force on it with a crow bar while l hit the ball joint with a lump hammer.that has to rank as one of the most fiddly and awkward jobs l have ever done.why for the love of god did they put the rear bushes in such a tight spot to work in.l managed to cross a thread on the subframe with a bolt for the rear bush,luckily my friend managed to retap it.the only easy bit was changing the discs.

Posted 11 Aug 2010, 17:12 #3