Fed up by Dave

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Back to work tomorrow after 8 days of hols (or 12 if you include the weekends!)

Not looking forward to it :cry: Three meetings, all of which look to be grim, pressure from above, pressure from below. Get up in the dark, 45 min drive to work, hour drive home, soon to all be in the dark. Cold. Miserable.

Now I realise that I am lucky to have a job, and don't want to take away from the plight of those that don't, or those that have harder jobs, less well paid etc, but working for the NHS and trying to provide a service in the face of constant cut-backs and red tape etc is getting very wearing and stressful

Wishing there was something else I could do for a living, ideally where I could see some end result from it, instead of constantly just ticking off the days until I retire.... (and I'm only 48!)

Moan over :gmc:

Posted 20 Oct 2010, 16:27 #1 

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Hi Dave, returning to work after a holiday always have that effect on me too, it's pants! :(

However, with the best of intentions, could I suggest that you read Carl's recent post which may give you a different perspective on things, maybe? :confused:

Keep smiling, never easy these days. :D


Posted 20 Oct 2010, 17:31 #2 

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TBH, I had Carl's post in the back of my mind when typing mine, with commensurate guilt......

I just think that for me it's a combination of back to work, cold weather, dark mornings and nights, as well as a feeling that I'm "going nowhere" and literally just ticking the days off

Just ignore me!

Posted 20 Oct 2010, 18:13 #3 

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Nah, don't want to!

It's a nescessary evil, work, and most of the time it's crap no matter where you are.
Certainly, with today's announcements from the Government it's going to get worse before it's better.

Now this does not mean that you can run away and hide, (unless you get the 6 numbers tonight, of course) because it's called life, I'm afraid and sometimes it's hard. :hissyfit:

Ask yourself where you would be if you didn't have a job? Would you have even had a holiday? Would you have a house / family, (not sure you have one mind you) CAR etc and I would hazzard a guess that it would be an even bigger struggle to cope. :confused:
Sounds like you may need a change of direction / new challenge, maybe. Not easy to achieve but also not impossible!
I went from a UK Sales Manager's position with a Blue Chip company to where I am now, which is driving a LWB Merc van delivering electrical componants! Yes, my standard of living suffered because of this but am I happier, you bet because the stress level has dropped through the floor and without this move I would never have found the love of my life, my 75 Tourer, well this is what my wife tells me, so it must be true!! :thumbsup:

Keep your pecker up, mate :cheers:

Posted 20 Oct 2010, 18:30 #4