FBH, Webasto timer & T90 Telestart advice please by Stealth Z-T

Stealth Z-T
Need some help please

Started to fit my FBH (Fuel burning heater.) to my MK1 ZT today it's a later model with a MK2 fuse box
The FBH is also a later model (98570B)

FBH, dosing pump etc fitted with no issues - I have tested all working fine and as it should.

I've also started to fit my webasto timer & T90 Telestart, however I didn't get to finish this as I need to try to find out the following

1 - the webasto timer connection plug has 4 wires 3 go to another plug and the other is a black wire - this is the same length as the others how ever this look as though it may have been cut ? I need to know what this is for / where it's meant to go ?

2 - the T90 Telestart wiring loom has a grey wire that goes into the fuse box, it already has the correct connection on the end of the wire, however I need to find out where exactly it fits in the fuse box ? (MK2 fuse box)

3 - the telestart wiring loom also includes a blue wire which I assume goes through into the engine bay (correct me if I'm wrong) I need to know where this plugs in & best route ?

Thanks in advance

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The wiring diagrams for the webasto timer and tele start etc are rubbish. The labelling is all over the place and the person at MGR ought to be sacked. Anyhow, lets see if we can fix it.

1. Are the other there colours yellow, purple and grey? If so, then the black wire is a ground and may well have been cut.
2. According to the wiring diagrams the grey wire goes to fuse 37 it seems. It's not clear because the wire itself is missing from the diagram.
3. The blue wire goes to pin 3 of the FBH according to the wiring diagrams. Getting wires from cabin to under bonnet is a PITA. The OEM route goes through the wheel arch area, under the top of the wing, and to the front of the car, then backwards to the FBH. Hopefully someone else can recommend an easier route but I've tended to stick to OEM routing even though its extra work.

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Stealth Z-T
Thanks Duncan, appreciate your help. Will have a go at getting this finished the weekend. Will let you know how I get on :)

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As per item 3 in Duncan's excellent instructions. If you look under the bonnet on the driver's side bulkhead, you will see a rubber grommet. It is either a blind grommet or existing wiring goes through it. I can't exactly remember as it's a while since I've done that sort of thing on a 75 / ZT. It is easy to poke a hole through for your wire(s) and the other side is reachable with an arm up behind the steering column from the driver's footwell, IIRC.

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Paul, I think you are right. Its a blind grommet on diesels, its where the throttle cable goes through on the petrols.

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Thank you Duncan/Paul we should be able to thread the wiring through the area where the tube would be if you had a sunroof, next to the main loom behind the glove box hopefully
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Stealth Z-T
Update: Nearly there, despite rain stopping play through out the day. The black wire has been earthed, blue wire & aerial through to engine bay, blue wire fitted to pin 3. - thanks again Duncan & thanks for the advice Paul. I now need to fit a red & orange wire to fuse 37 & then work out if the wiring is there to join it to or if it needs to go straight through to the fuse box in the engine bay (fuse 8 ?) I've noticed on a wiring loom I have this wire also splits off into a relay (a green one)with various other wires running to it, not sure if this is for something else or if it's something I also need for FBH set up ? The Telestart wiring has a black relay with webasto printed on it. Hopefully I'll finish this before winter sets in :-D

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