fbh repairs by Suffolk Man

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Suffolk Man
a recently aquired a fbh which amongst other thing kept sooting up.got round today on taking it apart.i am sure the resistors are shot. i have peeled of the gunge etc is there any one on here able to change them for me for some beer tokens.as i do not want to send it away.

Posted 19 Mar 2013, 17:03 #1 

Suffolk Man
board fixed but now have a big problem my fbh is running all the time the engine is on.shuts down apon switching car of.tomorrow i have a little time to run a few tests.may be the sensor unlikely as it is new or the wiring to it.i am hoping it is the section from the sensor to the main loom.question is tho if not where else do i look?from what i understand it runs from the altenator to the ecm and then to the fbh.will a t4 show any clues?or do i just pull the fuse every spring time and put in back in the winter

Posted 11 Apr 2013, 21:01 #2 

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Just a thought. Is the FBH (Fuel burning heater.) the right one for the wiring in your car? There are two versions and they are different. You can change the wiring over easily but it might misbehave if it's the wrong one.

Is yours an early car? I can't remember what you have.

Posted 12 Apr 2013, 14:29 #3 

Suffolk Man
just to finish this off it was indeed the new sensor.the test to check the power on pin 0ne is for the fbh type which in order to test it you earth pin 3.anyway all ok now.just annoying

Posted 23 Apr 2013, 21:52 #4