Fault finding terminology: please read when asking for help! by Duncan

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There are a few occasions when it's important to be clear about what is meant by certain terms. This sticky is to try to clarify some of the more common areas where different people mean different things to avoid this. It's not meant to be a criticism of peoples descriptions, just an aid in preventing misunderstandings that happen from time to time. Please feel free to add things and this first post will be updated.

Does the engine 'turn over'? This means if you turn the key to the start position, does the starter motor make the engine go round? If it goes round, that's what we mean by turning over. So an engine can turn over (go round) but not actually start (fire).

'Dead'. Be careful when using this term. As a rule this is taken as absolutely dead, that is nothing at all happens when you switch on the ignition. If the dashboard lights up, but the engine doesn't 'turn over' (see above) then it's not 'dead' as such. Probably safest not to use this at all.

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Bermudan 75
Could be not put up a series of fault finding flow charts?

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Dave Goody
And most important of all, "What engine is it? auto or manual?"

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Being as descriptive as possible with "won't start, engine does not turn over". Instead of saying nothing if the ignition lights do not fade, confirm they do not fade, same if there is no click from the starter engaging.
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Hi guys rover 75 problems anybody on to help

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Most of us pop in daily, just post your issue as a new thread and somebody will see it and reply :)
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olivia.flavin.3 wrote:Hi guys rover 75 problems anybody on to help

This is not a live chat web site. Post your message in the appropriate forum and if somebody has an answer to your query they will respond at some time.

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