Fathers Day meet Harewood House. June 2012 by takestock

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Due to popular demand, we will start making the list for this event, it is most likely to happen on Sunday 12 June 2012, and will be held at Harewood House. The venue is at Harewood House in the grounds, just north east of Leeds.

It will take the form that we have our own internal show in addition to the Fathers Day Rally, and we have it as the Rover 75 and MG ZT Northern Nationals

We will have a voting box, where visitors who attend the show, are asked to fill in a card, as to what they think is the best, second best and third best car on the stand, and we will also provide a trophy to the member who has travelled the furtherest distance to the show from their home address. (and we mean home address not made up one, I came from Land End (Honest Gov)) !!!!!!!

Voting to start at around 1100 hrs, which givess us time to give our cars the final clean before the public start voting. After a cut off time at 1500 hrs we then count the votes (and award prizes to First, Second, and Third). That way it is an un-biased opinion, and not judged by any of us.

The event will be open to all Rover 75 and MG ZT Owners. The cost of entry, will be in the region of £6 per car, (payable in advance), (Payment to be sent around two months before show, and this would cover the cost of the entry into the show and also pay for the trophies.)

We have had a good turnout over the last couple of years, ( over 30 cars) and hopefully this will be the best turnout yet. We also feel that it is a good way to display our cars to the general public.

As mentioned, this will be a provisional list, and we will need to confirm in late March/early April, which will give me enough time to send off for our entries, and also to get the trophies purchased and engraved. This year, I would like you to send me the entry fee, which will be around £6 for entry and payment for the trophies, around about the time mentioned.

The cost of entry is for the car, and up to to four additional passengers. This is a great family event, and there is alwasy something for the whole family to do including House, grounds and bird Garden. Every member attending will be entitled to a metal Badge.

Last two years convoys from both north and south have assembled at Wetherby services (LS22 5GT) where there is Days inn hotel for those wishing to have an overnight stop. Stuart will be handing the tickets out at this point usually. We then travel the last 4 or 5 miles in convoy.

If we get more money than the cost of entry and trophies, then we think the remainder should be donated to some form of charity. we will ensure that every penny is accounted for, and will publish details of costs as and when we get them.

So, in order to avoid any confusion but open the show to all. If you want to attend, add your name below if you have not done so next door and please enter the name you wish to be displayed on the list next door.

Any ideas? just post on the thread :)


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i'm almost certain i can;t make this one as bev want to goto a MG car meet about then .. fancy that going to a car meet never get us doing that.........

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