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Having renewed pads and sensors all round in prep for MOT, am left with 'pads low' light on at turn-on. As the pads are glaringly obviously new (and therefore showing the light to be wrong), does the light being on constitute a 'fail'? And if so, if the sensors were removed would the light go out? This is my third MOT with this car and want three good ones in a row. Can't help thinking the tester is hoping for third time lucky, he's planning it all now, I know he is.

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The sensor is an indicator that the pads "will" need replacing, not "do" need replacing. Therefore I don't think the indicator light is an MOT fail. Especially as the tester will have checked pads and discs for thickness.
The sensor light will not go out if they are removed as the circuit relies on it being complete. Breaking the circuit is what brings the light on. As you have replaced sensors I would suspect the connectors to the cars loom are not quite making the circuit. I would try disconnecting from loom and reconnecting, might just be some dirt in one of the connectors.

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The Mot Inspection Manual makes no reference to the brake wear warning indicator lamp.
The pads are just required to have 1.5mm thickness left to pass.

http://i456.photobucket.com/albums/qq28 ... kepads.png

as you can see this was published 1/01/2012

hope this helps

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Thanks gents. Paranoia subsides. And...breathe.

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