Exhaust Bracket failure by sewerman

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The lower clamp on my tourers rear exhaust has corroded through and is now held in place with wire.

The bolts look too corroded to move without twisting the upper bracket, and the original exhaust (165k) is flaking rust of the outer skin every time I look at it, although no leaks with it.

So I'm looking for your views do I just change the top and bottom clamp or go for a new exhaust?.

If new stainless steel or an aftermarket mild steel one?

It a diesel and I'm not after exhaust note - the quieter the better for me !

Thanks Scott
Royal Blue Rover 75 CDT Tourer

Posted 09 Aug 2015, 08:43 #1 

My old car has done 240k miles on its original exhaust so is the flaking superficial? If so why not soldier on with your original exhaust.

That apart Mrs Lincoln, did you enjoy the play


Posted 09 Aug 2015, 09:54 #2 

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Thanks Paul I think it's superficial on the outer skin so will probably go look for a new strap.
Royal Blue Rover 75 CDT Tourer

Posted 09 Aug 2015, 16:56 #3