EPC filter, clay, wax or shave? by geesmith

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Am I right in thinking the pcV filter is a politically correct way of reducing the number of two finger salutes you might get?

Anyway, I bypassed an EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve) today ...maybe it was an MGR...hard to say really as I was somewhat absorbed by the young filly that came with it as she was having her tail lights checked over by the RAC...or could it have been one of the Village People giving her body control module a quick flick with his fleece mitten...anyway back to the EGR, would anyone like to discuss the for and against of cleaning or replacing it for twenty odd pages if there is a rule you can only be rude if the previous post wasn't (that should cause a cue!). On your marks get set go.....

.(you can still join in if you know nothing about it...or even if you don't care).
Every three posts you are allowed to quote something out of context from a previous post but you must change at least one word in the quote...hopefully to make it disagree with what it originally stated.....ohh I'm getting so excited! ...always wanted to do this!

on your marks get set ......................................................GO!...(and it's about EGRs if you've forgotten)

I got this idea on the internet. :stirer:

Posted 15 Jun 2010, 21:41 #1 

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Okay then , me foist!

I think you should take the EGR off and give it a damn good polishing. Then you can get one of those straight through ones that don't have any insides or dirt and fit that instead.

TIP .. make sure you fit it the right way round or all the air will come out of the engine and your dipstick could get sucked in. :?

I think this should be made into a HOW TO sticky as it looks like I'm going to get really heated with myself soon if I start to have an opposing point o view... :evil: :o

Posted 16 Jun 2010, 20:58 #2