Engine/Gbox Transplant? by JakeWilson

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D'ya think it'll fit in my Saxo? :gmc:

Posted 16 Sep 2010, 20:52 #2 

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Zeb wrote:D'ya think it'll fit in my Saxo? :gmc:

I don't think it'll fit in the 260 let alone a Saxo :mrgreen:

Posted 16 Sep 2010, 23:48 #3 

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Oh, it will fit in your Saxo allright, but you will have to sit on the roof to drive.

Well I say drive, what I mean is to watch the car get shorter as the back wheels actually get closer to the front ones.

Have to say that is an extraordinary amount of power to shove through two wheels. 620 through four wheels is mental, so that is just plain loony IMHO.

Posted 17 Sep 2010, 13:34 #4 

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It may well weigh the same as a hauliers tractor unit so 800bhp may not be sufficient unless it has a dozen or so gears............ Does it come with a fifth wheel trailer hitch in the 'trunk'? :lol:

Posted 18 Sep 2010, 23:26 #5