DVD/Sat Nav for Rover 75? by Treffenberg


Can anyone recommend a DVD/Sat Nav for my Rover 75, (year 2000), that i can replace with my current casette-recorder?

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There are a few options. You could get the parts and fit the system that came as an option. It looks the part, and you can get up to date navigation discs, but it doesn't do DVDs. There are BMW versions that will fit and the later versions have DVD navigation but still don't play DVDs. The TV tuners are also not digital which is a problem here in teh UK, and probably where you are too. All of these things can be resolved but it ends up expensive.

Another option is to buy a Chinese double DIN unit shaped to fit in the car. A few people on this forum have them, I can't comment as I don't.

I believe it's also possible to fit other aftermarket (for example Pioneer) systems. I think Paul (Raistlin) has one of these.

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Hello Duncan,

Thank you for your reply.

I will send Paul a message.

Happy Midsummers-eve!


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Hi Treffenberg
I have an Xtrons unit, single din pop up screen. Which I got from Ebay and it's superb. HD screen, touch screen. Uses micro SD and usb sticks.
Cost about £250. I can look up the model number if you need it.


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vitesse v8
I've got one of the Chinese DDs in my 75. Did a write-up about it in the Swedish Rover Club's Roverbladet. Where in Sweden are you, I'm in Gävle if you wanted to see/check the unit.


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Several of us have the xtron DD unit .DVD.CD,SD.NAV,Blue tooth,TV but you now require a free view box as well. phone book and of course radio. A just over £200 very good value for money not quite the same quality as BMW uni but a fraction of the price. They also have a UK (London) based service centre. Im very pleased with mine. Im sure you must have a local member who has one of a number of units you could see and try before you part with your cash. At one of your local meets would the best option I think.



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