Driveshaft Oil Seals by FIXGER

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I'm a bit confused. I appear to be at the point of replacing my clutch slave cylinder :mad1: I've been doing my research into what I can do whilst the 'box is off and one such thing is replacing the driveshaft oil seals. Well, I say sealS but, after checking Rimmers I can only see one listed and only one required on their listing. Also, Haynes only decribe the replacement for ONE oil seal.

Now, I'm not stupid but I know there are TWO driveshafts so surely there should be TWO driveshaft oil seals. :hissyfit:

HELP......................... :confused:

Posted 03 Jul 2010, 07:35 #1 

mg zt
Only the short shaft has the oil seal, the long shaft is splinned into the inboard joint so no seal required.
Therefore Rimmers & Haynes are correct in stating "one oil seal".

Try and have a read of Frenchmikes thread on before removing the gearbox as his way is much easier and less time consuming, it is for the diesel but i have now done it this way on 3 occasions on petrol models and it works.

There is absolutely no need to remove the subframe and all the ancilliaries if you are only replacing the clutch, if it is the gearbox that needs to be replaced then the subframe will need to come off.

Posted 03 Jul 2010, 09:44 #2 

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Thanks for that. I've ended up doing it the long way - subframe et al off the car. It's really so I can do some rust treatment on the subframe and I need to change the exhaust so it made sense to get everything off!

As it happens, my slave cylinder was totally knackered - the front end of it fell off when the gearbox was free!!!! :o

Posted 05 Jul 2010, 06:20 #3