Driver's door won't open! by Lightpainter

Pulled the door handle and nothing, look what I found.

The hook is made of plastic and had just broken off; I managed to make a temporary repair with the use of a small tie wrap using a clove hitch (I knew my boy scout training would come in handy one day).

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Posted 09 Sep 2010, 22:04 #1 

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Nice repair there.

Can't say I can rememebr any of the knots I learned.
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Posted 09 Sep 2010, 22:58 #2 

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Actually, I think the hooks are die cast metal, but still break as easily as plastic it seems.

A replacement should be available from a breakers quite easily. Probably best to get a passenger side one as it will have had less wear.

Posted 12 Sep 2010, 08:43 #3 

Nice repair, I use a clove hitch when climbing, useful knots!

Posted 12 Sep 2010, 19:31 #4