Driver's door not opening by RichardGarner

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A matter of hours after picking up my zt I went to open my door and nothing :mad1:, luckily the outer handle still works so just wound down the window and got out ( not good if it's raining!!!!!) Had a good look today and the cable appears to be fine, both ends still in one piece and it looks like somethings gone pop in the latch unit. So I went ahead to try and remove said unit, but without a workshop manual this proved a bit of a hand munching waste of a few hours. I've probably missed something completely simple and obvious :confused: but after taking the three screws out of the door it's still held on by the rod for the outer handle. How do you go about un-coupling it and getting it out of the door?????


Posted 20 Sep 2010, 18:36 #1 

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There's a clip on the handle itself that rotates and allows the rod to pop out. Almost impossible to describe, but should be clear if you get a torch.

Don't pull too hard or you will pull the link off the handle meaning you need to take of the handle too, to refit it.

To see what I mean, get a torch and follow the link rod up to the handle. You should see a beige coloured clip. The bottom of this clip is around the rod itself, just below where it bends and goes into the handle. You unclip it from the rod by turning it around the bit that goes into the handle.

Anyone got a photo so this makes more sense?

Posted 20 Sep 2010, 19:09 #2 

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I managed to get the unit out this afternoon (I did wonder if that was a clip or just a fancy plastic connector!!) and the unit seems to be fine.

By the looks of it the cable had just fallen off the hook in the latch, so with a bit of assistance and strategic torch holding everything was put back where it should be. That said it took a while to get the rod back in the right place before the clip would do it's job when trying to put it all back together, it kept spinning around!!!

Thanks for your help (things made more sense this time!!!)


Posted 22 Sep 2010, 18:15 #3 

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Glad you got it sorted Richard...I would have offered assistance but I have been somewhat indisposed this week... :(

Posted 22 Sep 2010, 19:19 #4