Driver door lazy unlock by ceb

As above,
The drivers door takes three or four blips to unlock (all other doors fine).

Had the door card off and gave it a good spray with WD40 and silicone spray and cleared a bit of the sound material from around the button area etc. but to no avail. So is this a mechanism replacement or could it be a supply/ECU (Engine Control Unit) issue? If it's a replacement is this doable with just the door card off as a one man job?



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Sounds like a sticky locking mechanism. You'll need a replacement mechanism as they are sealed. I think Duncan took one apart to see if they could be fixed and the reason for failure. He had to destroy it to get it apart though! I think too much grease was the reason for failure.

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Mine was a bit like this shortly after I bought it, but is now fine.

The passenger rear didn't work work when I first got it, but does now.

So might be worth just waiting a while to see if it sorts itself??
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As David said, the problem with mine seemed to be grease getting on the motor brushes inside.

Not serviceable, as they are riveted together.

The replacement suffers the same symptoms, and the same as yours. Doesn't work for a couple of times, then starts working OK. Keeps going until it's left for a few days.

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How much hassle was involved in replacing it ?, was it doable with just the door card off?



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