Double din GPS, DVD, Bluetooth etc - SOLD by CDTi

I recently purchased one of Sean's (Radioguys) double dins.

However, I am now selling my system. The WinCE interface has whetted my appetite for a full carputer. I did have a stab at this a few years back but the technology available then wasn't to my satisfaction. Things have moved on since then and I think its time I had another go at it.

I want to sell my headunit now to partially finance the project - I couldn't get ANOTHER car related item past the wife!

My unit is fully functional with RDS, iPod charging mod, Petruts patch, GPS USB mod and a walnut trim (see pic).

Price is £325 inclusive of UK shipping. It will be supplied in original box with all accessories.

Delivery time is 3 to 5 days via courier. ... 4f2202.jpg

And some pics of the iPhone interface(before I put on the walnut trim): ... fe181b.jpg ... 2989e4.jpg ... 5be06d.jpg

Posted 25 Oct 2010, 18:54 #1