door unlocking/locking with key fob by ampwhu

this morning i went out to use the car and the key fob wouldn't unlock the car. i tried the key in the door and it refused to turn either. i managed to open the boot with the key and then the door would unlock with the key.

once inside the car, it started fine. i drove to where i was going. got out and it wouldn't lock with the key fob. if i turn the key so the radio works (no dash lights), then i can lock/unlock from the switch by the handbrake. if i remove the key, i can't. is that right?

when i came back to the car, it all worked???? the key fob works as it should.

what could have been the problem?

Posted 20 Jun 2010, 11:05 #1 

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Might have been one of those random sporadic errors in the electrics that you'll never be able to track down. If it happens again try a battery-disconnect reset (making sure you've observed SatNav shutdown procedures and noted any radio codes). Sometimes when the battery is failing in the fob then the remote lock/unlock wont work as expected but that shouldn't stop the key operating the barrel locks in the doors.

Posted 20 Jun 2010, 13:17 #2 

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The key not turning in the door is not an electrical problem. Either it's stuck because it gets used so little, or someone has changed the lock barrel so it doesn't match the key. I'd get some oil squirted in the lock because if the battery goes flat it' about the only way in.

With the remote, it could be an interference problem. Something local blocking the signal so the remote wouldn't work. The internal door switches should only work ignition on if I remember right.

Posted 20 Jun 2010, 19:42 #3