Door Pillar Finisher Rusted and Replaced by Dallas

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Well! today I done a job that I've been wanting to do for ages, replace the driver-side Black Door Pillar Finisher......

Pretty much easy really, took less than an hour to complete.

The Pillar finisher had started to rust, a few rust bubbles that has started to appear which simply looks horrid. :shock:

Show Rust 1024x768.JPG

Went to my local Car Breakers to see if any 75's were sadly there, and YES! two of them with pretty much everything attached still, so off came the door pillar finisher off of a 2004 plate and you wont guest what the price was for this part???????? :o only £2.00 (the best £2.00 ever spent)......

Off home I went happily :D got home and started the job...... Now all I did at first was to gently lift t up the chrome door window strip that sits along the door at the beginning of the window, then gently lift back the plastic window surround that sits interior-side of the door around the window so I could pull back the rubber window surround strip. Once you pull back rubber strip back gently you can see the x3 screws that holds the Pillar Finisher in-place, x1 at the top, x1 in the middle and x1 at the bottom (you can pretty much hold the rubber strip back with your thump at each scew point while you un-screw each of the srews in-turn). :)

Taken Out With Numbers 1024x768.JPG

Gently pull the finisher up and out and at the same time prizing it away from the window rubber surround as it sits down in the door finisher quite tightly (needed to pull of the rubber surround at the top corner of the door so to lift out the door finisher easily).

Slide Out 1024x768.JPG

When re-fitting the door finisher trim, Hold the trim in a up-right position and gently slide the trim down along the window rubber thats goes down into the door. At the same time gently push the window rubber into the channel along the door finisher, this can be done as you push the door finisher down into the door and push the door finisher in its position against the door frame.

Once the door finisher finds its seating position you can then re-fit the x3 screws, you have some slight movement to slide the door finisher up or down so to get a nice tight flush fit to the rubber window surround. NOTE! There is a lip on the door finisher thats got to fit along the edge of the door, it fits behind the door skin along the edge of the door against the inside ( I had this lip edge up against the door pillar, so causing the trim not to fit properly) silly me..... :lol: you got to make sure it sits around the doors edge...... :D

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Hi Dallas,
i would be heading back to the salvage yard and taking the other 3 sides of. for £2 a time its cheap enough.
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My thoughts exactly, thought the other x3 were alright.

Both the rear two look fine but not taken out as yet, the passenger one has small blemishes of rust but not as bad as the driver one was...... :o

Has anybody else had this problem? ................... it looks like if you only have the small blemishes of rust, you pretty much can assume that behind will be very worst.... :shock:

Rust 1024x768.JPG

Once the part was out I was greeted with a very unsightly image of what I thought was a shocker........ :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

Yes! RUST very bad rust..... :o

Totally did not expect to see that amount of rust, blooming ek! I muttered out loudly. I went straight round to the passenger side to take a look at that pillar (x4 small rust bubbles I saw again) :o so it looks like I will be replacing passengers side also.......

Once the new door pillar finisher was fitted......
DS Door Finisher 1024x768.JPG

It looked like this................
Finished 1024x768.JPG

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