Door mirror removal by Bermudan 75

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Bermudan 75
I need to replace a broken door (wing) mirror with a replacement. The Haynes manual says that I need to remove the door card.

Is there an alternative method that does not involve removing the door card?



Posted 30 Sep 2012, 15:52 #1 

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I have heard of it being done with the door card in situ Mike but I wouldn't attempt it myself. Especially when it only takes a few minutes to remove the door card and do the job without the risk of damaging trim.

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Posted 30 Sep 2012, 16:26 #2 

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can be done if you are brave with the plastic covering but as said always safer to remove door card :)
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Posted 01 Oct 2012, 13:30 #3 

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Bermudan 75
Done it :thumbsup:

By loosening the clips and the screws near the little speaker, I was able to remove the plastic trim that runs around the window frame. Everything is now happily back in place with the replacement mirror in situ. Sometimes small hands come in use.

Posted 02 Oct 2012, 15:23 #4